Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ann Barr, The Woman Who Invented Sloanes

Ann Barr and Turkey
Image: Ann Barr and friend, from article "Ann Barr, The Woman Who Invented Sloanes"

Ann Barr did most of the work on the first Official Sloane Ranger books. Peter York (Peter Wallis, actually) did much less to comprehend and map the terrain. Ann is a Sloane, and Peter is not. One source reports that York has done no work on the new book
leaving it to Olivia Stewart-Liberty

Read how the new "Sloane" book got it wrong here

Some Sloanes have always functioned - and made fortunes - in an international environment; that's why so much of the map of the world became pink. Creative marketing claims to the contrary, the basic traits of Sloanes remain solid and have not changed.

The original books remain unsurpassed, and Ann Barr deserves a Valentine!

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